Collibra and Tableau

Trusted data for smarter analytics

Visualization built on a solid foundation

Make better data-driven decisions with Tableau and Collibra. Tableau gives you powerful analytics, and Collibra enables access to trusted, 质量 data.

Tableau puts powerful analytics into the hands of all data citizens. But to get the most from those analytics, business users need to know where to find the right data, to understand its context and trust in its accuracy. Collibra empowers them to do just that. It also provides them with a platform to collaborate, socialize reports and share their trusted insights across the enterprise.

A solid foundation to creatively use data

Increased accuracy

Poor data 质量 can mean poor business decisions. Collibra empowers you to trust data by engaging your entire organization in driving data 质量 with a collaborative platform that promotes stewardship and governance.

Enable discovery

In large enterprises, datasets can be locked away in silos owned by different business units. Collibra gives analysts and architects a business and technical view of what data exists across the enterprise, allowing them to find the data they need.

Visualize and analyze

Tableau enables your analysts to visualize all of the data housed in the Collibra Data Catalog, allowing them to spot key patterns, trends or anomalies and turn trusted data into insights.

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Tour our products

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