Collibra use case

Expedite cloud data migration

Simplify and optimize your move to the cloud

Don’t let your cloud migration strategy take flight without a solid data management strategy. Collibra accelerates this move by giving you visibility and insights into your data—so you only move what you need. Once in the cloud, teams can consistently interpret, track and access data so your business can soar.

Mitigate risk and accelerate cloud migration

Proactively manage data quality to mitigate risks

Get automated insights into lineage and data quality in one centralized location to simplify and speed compliance reporting, auditing and risk management.

Protect sensitive data with privacy by design

Classify sensitive data and assign responsible data owners. Ensure the appropriate approval processes are in place when accessing sensitive data.

The Collibra advantage

Comprehensive data governance

定义流程, standardize definitions, establish ownership, manage policies and certify data assets in one central location. Ensure consistency and improve data quality by putting the right processes in place.

ML-powered automation

Save time by automatically classifying physical data. Link data to a logical data model to provide business context at scale. Aid in the discovery and understanding of data across the organization to foster innovation.


Enterprise data catalog

Create a unified view of all relevant data across the organization with full business context, so business users can quickly understand, trust and access data.

Native, automated data lineage

View summary-level business lineage as well as detailed technical lineage. Gain visibility into how data transforms and flows from source to destination to mitigate risks and ensure stakeholders are aligned.

Robust data reconciliation

Identify missing records, values and broken relationships across tables or systems as you move data.

Sensitive data discovery

Automatically understand the semantic schema of your data to discover and classify sensitive data.

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