Collibra use case

Power trusted, self-service analytics

Power analytics with intelligent data.

Take the guesswork out of decision making. Give your analysts a single place to discover, understand and access data. Drive greater data literacy and empower data consumers with trusted data for analysis and reporting.

Maximize productivity with accurate, self-service data

The Collibra advantage

Enterprise data catalog

Provide visibility into all your data assets with full business context and enable users to easily discover, trust and use data.

Embedded data governance and privacy

Ensure users access only trusted, compliant data with embedded governance and privacy capabilities that allow you to standardize definitions, establish data ownership, manage policies and govern access to data.

Native, automated data lineage

Automatically map data lineage to see how data transforms and flows from system to system and source to report. Get visibility into summary-level business lineage as well as detailed technical lineage.

Granular security controls

Use role-based permissioning to control users' access to data assets. Deploy granular, asset-level security controls to ensure security, privacy and compliance.

Crowdsourced feedback

Enable users to rate and comment on any data asset and provide feedback that is visible to all users.

Active metadata graph

Build a graph that connects business, technical and privacy metadata with data quality and lineage information to provide rich content and context to all users.


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On-demand webinar

Collibra and Tableau in action: enabling trusted analytics

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Tour our products

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Start a free trial

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